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19 November 2011 @ 11:18 pm
Yuletide madness.  
Dear Author,

First of all, I want to thank you for writing me my story. I'm so stoked to think that I'll be receiving an amazing fic based on one of my beloved, smaller yet awesome fandoms. Can you tell it's my first Yuletide?

I'll try to make this list of loves and dislikes as clear as possible but still give you enough room to create a fic without hindrance.

To start, I'm a big fan of character driven, internal exploration pieces. This isn't to say that I don't enjoy an epic plot-centric story but some of my favourite fics of all time are the smaller, quieter pieces that highlight a simple moment.

I love Gen - not to say I don't appreciate a romantic (or heck, even a good smut) fic but I'm not much of a shipper and I don't even have a OTP anymore.

I adore broken boys. No matter what the fandom they are who I go to first (Dean Winchester, Derek Reece, Michael Guerin, Stephen Holder, Mal Reynolds, Jesse Pinkman, Arkady Balagin). I've never been one to follow the most popular person at school - to me the sidekicks, the outsiders are much more interesting in pretty much any fandom I've dabbled in.

I love snark, sarcasm and good banter. Dialogue is one of those things I wish I could master in my own stories so I'm a huge lover of anyone who can tap into a character's voice.

I'm a fan of well plotted, well developed AU - especially if it jumps off from a cannon point and showcases something that should have been or something that almost was (I LOVE a good what if scenario). This doesn't mean it has to be epic - just a small glimpse into the other world is one of my favourite things ever. Also, a good crossover is a thing of beauty.

As for dislikes - my one big, huge no go is incest (squicks me out like no other). Sex is fine, especially when used well - but porn without plot isn't my thing. Sometimes a ton of UST is just as good. Any canon pairings are fine and I have no problems with UC pairings. I don't hate fluff, but happy endings for the sake of happy isn't necessary with me.

My current favourite obsessions include Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Lost Girl, Revenge, Community, The Walking Dead and The New Girl. Old standbys are Firefly, Veronica Mars, Farscape, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, Life and BTVS. Favourite books/series would be Kushiel's Legacy by Jacqeline Carey, The Kingslayer Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss, Dante Valentine + Jill Kismet books by Lilith Saintcrow anything in the vast Neil Gaiman library.

I hope this has helped you more than driven you mad and again, huge thanks and hugs for writing me something amazing.

Onto the reqs:

1.) Endgame - Arkady Balagan. My newest obsession that has become the latest member of the 'it only got one season to air and break my heart' club. So much of what makes this show so amazing is Arkady and his interactions with Sam, Pippa and the staff at the hotel. The relationship that intrigues me most is with Dani, the Huxley's bartender. With Pippa there's an annoyance at her dogged investigation into her sister's death and (I'm sure) a daily reminder to her that's both comfort and cruelty. With Sam, who's all eagerness and innocence - there's the manifestation of the young man, boy even that Arkady never was. But with Dani, he's almost relaxed, he smiles more and in some instances nearly flirts. This isn't to say that he's not still grieving and twisted with guilt over his fiancee ('cause he sooo is) but there's a connection. The setup? After closing, in the Huxley's bar. Arkady, barefoot and in robe convinces Dani to open another bottle of vodka. Alcohol shared and secrets spoken. Origins in the dark. Who is Arkady Balagan? And what ghost(s) has he left behind?
What I don't want? dani/arkady. Too soon for that.

2) Lost Girl - Kenzi. Ok, let's face it. In this instance the sidekick is infinitely cooler than the hero. Kenzi is a force of nature who lurrrvvvess Bo and do anything for her bestest succubus friend but she rarely gets to shine on her own.
The setup? Think the Adventures of Kenzi, the awesomesauce! Let's say Dyson and Bo are off on some mission for the Ashe (this can be pre S2 if you like - doesn't need a specific time frame). Kenzi, bored out of her mind, manages to get herself into a bit of Fae trouble and has to find her way out of it with only her street smarts, sassy attitude and purely human skills to aide her. Maybe Trick offers to keep an eye on her for Bo and puts her to work in the bar and things go awry from there. The only stipulation is that this is all Kenzi fic, all the time. Bonus points if we get Hale and flirting. What I don't want? Bo saving the day.

3) The New Girl - all characters. It's the cheesy Christmas special, Charlie Brown! It's the gang's first Christmas together and Jess is adamant that it will be the best one ever! In between listening to Jess sing every Christmas carol known to man and being forced to miss hockey playoffs to watch Garfield's Christmas and the Grinch the guys tell Jess how each one came to live in their apartment. Bonus points: decorating the tree with car air freshners (Schmidt forgot to buy ornaments and that was all he could find at the 7/11 on Christmas Eve), Nick getting drunk on rum and egg nog and wanting to call his ex and Winston getting teary eyed at (insert your choice of Christmas special here).
What I don't want? No restrictions dear author. Go wild.

So lovely Author, thank you and I hope you enjoy writing as much as I will enjoy reading.

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