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01 January 2012 @ 12:10 pm
In which we ring in the new year and squee. A lot.  

So as I nurse a coffee this lovely new year morn (completely hangover free, thanks to a very low key evening last night) I wanted to give thanks to all the wonderful people and fic that made my first yuletide such a fantastic experience.

Onto the goodies!

It's a Goofy Christmas... Err, Sorry Schmidt... Holiday Episode   (fandom: New Girl) was my fabulous gift. Author zephyrprince did an amazing job taking my cracktastic prompt and running with it. I had wanted first Christmas together fic which explained the origins of the gang and had some silly extras. Almost everything was included (which was awesome), Coach came home for a visit (yay!) and every single line that came out of Schmidt's mouth was a delight. I'd also like to take this Nick home and have him be my roommate/flirty maybe boy-toy. Just sayin'. It was the perfect amount of sweet and humour that I look forward to when I watch the show. Hugs, lovely author. Massive hugs.

And the crazy part is that I was also given a treat this year! First time and I get a bonus (see, yuletide ~ you've hooked me now, I'll see you next year). Kenzi's Holiday Traditions (fandom: Lost Girl) by sabrina_il was this lovely Kenzi-centered fic. A detailed, plausible and intriguing back story about her life on the streets before Bo, her family and her Russian background. The little touches are glorious. Thank you, dear author for spoiling me.

So, what does a girl offer to write for when it's her first time participating in a big, anonymous fic exchange? Why 5 different fandoms she's never, ever written a single word in before. I'm sorta insane that way. Thank goodness for handholding from lovely friends and betas.

I wrote To know and loathe, yet wish and do (fandom: Lost Girl) for sweetjamielee. Lost Girl is a show I adore (mainly for the aforementioned Kenzi, kick ass sidekick extraordinaire) and I was so lucky to have been matched on it. My recip had wanted to see a new side to Lauren (resident fae Doctor and succubus lover); something darker and rebellious. It was a challenge and a pleasure to write this. Lauren is someone so complex and I had to (hopefully) find the right balance between the hope and light that she is and the weight of the burdens she carries and cages she's created for herself. I also got to include cameo's by all three of the named secondary characters my recip had asked for in the yule letter which was a ton of fun. Trick is someone I would love to revisit and like my recip I adore the Dyson/Lauren dynamic (though I was smart enough to keep Kenzi's entire scene to less than a paragraph; there was no way I could tackle her awesomeness in a full fledged supporting role). It really was a fic full of first times for me and I'm pretty proud of it (and tickled pink by the lovely comment from sweetjamielee).

I had started, rather halfheartedly, a treat of my own to gift but being that I work retail and the holiday season is bonkers squared I did never finish it. Now that I've got one yuletide under my belt, I'm hoping next year I can give back more.

Total word count 3173 (not bad) and 1 story (will work on improving this). If not for martinigrl and freneticfloetry I never would have made it through. I'll never look at painting with Bob Ross, memos from the desk of Nick Fury, red pens or Christmas the same way again. Thanks for all the encouragement, brainstorming and not killing me when I had my freakouts. Y'all rock the kasbah.

Recc's are coming later.

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