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06 October 2016 @ 10:15 pm
Hello yuletide bringer!

First up, thank you. I'm so excited to be participating in another round of Yuletide. I can't wait to read your fic gift.

You can poke around this journal if you want to read any of my old letters. You can also find me on Ao3 here if you'd like to see my fics or check out my profile for bookmarks of fics I enjoy.

This letter is meant to just help you out - maybe give you some ideas if you're stuck or give you a feel for the things I love. But please don't stress - Yuletide should be fun! I know I'll love whatever you write for me.

The basic stuff:

*genfic (this is not to say that I don't adore a well written piece of smut, but I prefer some plot with it)
*I love small, internal exploration fics that explore my favourite character's headspace (but if you have an epic tale you want to write, I'm down with that too)
*snark, banter and true to voice dialogue are huge, huge loves
*canon divergent AU's (exploring a 'what if' moment is my weakness)
*angst, always angst
*found families
*broken boys, badasses with a (secret) heart of gold, the sidekick that outshines the hero, strong women who don’t have to sacrifice their vulnerability and unrepentant bastards

*no explicit details of rape (referencing a canon event is ok)
*underage sex
*completely non canon AU’s (coffee shop, pirates, etc)
*animal cruelty
*any 'play' involving bodily fluids
*all out fluff (happy/hopeful endings are fine)
*2nd person POV

The requests:

Luke Cage (TV)Collapse )

Stranger Things (TV 2016)Collapse )

Jem and the Holograms (Comics)Collapse )

Suicide Squad (2016)Collapse )

Thank you dear author and happy writing!