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25 October 2012 @ 10:36 pm
Dear Yuletide Awesome Person  
Why hello bringer of Yule and Joy! Before we get into all the nitty gritty details, let me offer a huge thanks and basket of kittens for writing me fic. This is my second year participating in Yuletide and I'm so excited to be back.

Here's a link to my letter last year.  Feel free to poke around my journal (though I rarely update this puppy anymore) or check out my profile on AO3: sarandipitee.

Like last year I'll try to help out by listing some of what I love and what I don't to try and help you out but (hopefully) not make you crazy.

I love the inner workings of my favourite characters. The more time spent inside their heads, the better. While big, epic plots are fun, most of my favourite stories are small, simple moments that highlight great characterization.

I adore snark and witty banter and true to voice dialogue. I love reading a story and hearing the actors voice in my head because the words on the laptop screen sound so much like something I've watched before.

I do have a weakness for broken boys (Dean Winchester, Derek Reese, Mal Reynolds, John Crichton, Jesse Pinkman) and nine times out of ten I fall for the sidekick over the traditional hero/main character (Kenzi from Lost Girl, Willow Rosenberg, Tig Trager). I love women who balance strength and vulnerability - think Aeryn Sun, Fiona Gallagher and Jenny Sparks. You've probably noticed that 3 out of my 4 requests revolved around the ladies.

I am a big fan of AU - but there has to be a starting point from somewhere in canon. I love what if? moments, a look at what might have been. And bring on the angst - not to say I won't enjoy a happy ending, but it's not needed make me enjoy a fic. Sex is fine, epecially if well written and serves the story but I'm not a big porn without plot fan.

As for my please avoid at all costs I don't like incest, kinks aren't my thing (no bodily fluid 'play' of any type, necrophilia or bestiality) and any explicit description(s) of rape are out. I don't care for super crack! or meta fic (especially for these particular requests) and please no genderswap or mpreg. And while I don't hate slash/femslash, I'm not seeing it for any of my requests.

Onto the reqs:

Fandom: Looper
Characters: Abe, Kid Blue

I would love to see someone give me some backstory on these 2 characters. Abe, especially, since he is from the future and know one really knows much about him. Part of me wonders if there is some connection between Abe and Kid Blue - Abe has so much disgust for Kid who trys so hard to please this man. Could Abe be the future son of Kid Blue, who hates watching his weak and misguided young father constantly fuck up? Does Kid see Abe as a substitute for someone missing in his life? Bonus points for details and epic world building as Looper has one of the best takes on the future in anything I've ever seen.

Fandom: John Carter of Mars (2012 movie)
Characters: John Carter, Dejah Thoris

10 years. It's a long time to be separated. We saw glimpses of John's search around the globe to find away back to his beloved on Barsoom, but what about Dejah herself? What happened to her after the Tharks cast her husband back to his home on Earth? I'd love to see her side of the story as well as their reunion. This would be the only request where I wouldn't mind my 'doesn't have to be a happy ending' rule being broken.

Fandom: Girls
Characters: Jessa Johansson, Hannah Horvath, Adam Sackler, Shoshanna Shapiro

I wanted to hate this show. I found the premise vain and pretentious and I hated Hannah in the first episode. But then something magical happened around the 3rd show and I was in love. I adore this show. It's a pure guilty pleasure with some of the funniest moments in tv I've ever seen. I've really got no set guidelines for this request. Wanna write a funny lost moment from the warehouse party with Shoshanna and her Crack Spirit guide? Go for it. Wanna take a whirl at the weeks following Jessa and her impulsive marriage? Do it. The sky is the limit with this one. Bonus points for hilarious dialogue for any make up sex scenes you write for Hannah and Adam.

Fandom: Sons Of Anarchy
Characters: Tara Knowles, Gemma Teller Morrow

This show. Sometimes I find it so unbelievable and so over the top that it loses me a little (see all of season 3 and most of 4). But I've come back to Charming this year and mainly it has to do with Gemma. I love that woman. I don't always like her or agree with the shit she pulls but I do respect her crazy when it comes to protecting her family. I would love to see something about Gemma and Tara - they have such a unique, twisted, unhealthy and yet nurturing bond. If you want to toss in some Unser and some Tig, you can haz all the ice cream.

I really hope this letter has been more help than make you pull your hair out and please remember, Dear Author, I will love you and your story forever and always.