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09 October 2013 @ 01:49 am
Tales of Yule.  
So. Yuletide. We meet again.

To start, thank you. I know, no matter what fandom we are matched on that I will adore whatever you write for me. I love Yuletide - it's produced some of the best fic for small fandoms I've ever read (and while I may be a little biased I count my own gifts and treats in that grouping).

This is my third year participating in the madness. I live under the name of sarandipitee on AO3 and please feel free to poke around my profile there or here at my journal (which, as you can see hasn't been updated in eons). Previous letters to you lovely author types can be found here and here.

This letter is meant to offer some insight into why I love the fandoms I've chosen and if you're stuck, maybe get the wheels turning a little bit - but I look forward to whatever magical slice of fiction pie you dish up for me.

What do I love: getting inside my favourite character's headspace, making me see and feel what they do. I love small, character driven pieces  - the simple moments that make my people shine. I adore well-written and true to character dialogue. Bring on all the snark and banter. Gen is my weapon of choice - I don't have any ZOMG OTP TO END ALL OTP, but if you're more of a ship writer I've included my favourites when applicable.

AU, good AU, is always lovely - but only when grounded from a canon starting point rather then everyone say, becoming pirates. What if moments are gold to me. Angst is preferred over sunshine and unicorns but if you feel the story needs some light after all the dark, go for it. Unless it's outright fluff I'm cool. Sex is fine, as long as it's serving the story. Porn without plot doesn't do it for me.

I have a weakness for broken boys, badasses with hearts of gold, vulnerable kick ass women, the loyal sidekicks and the unrepentant bastards. Found families and the friendships built from them are love.

What I dislike: Please no explicit descriptions of rape or sexual assault (referencing canon is fine), incest (unless referencing an established canonical pairing), any sort of "play" involving bodily fluids (meaning scat, watersports, vomit, blood, enemas, vore and everything/anything else), cheating/infidelity (unless it's established in canon), gender-swap/mpreg, beastiality, necrophilia and Alpha/Beta/Omega fic.

onto the requests:

Top of the Lake
Character(s): Robin Griffin, Tui Mitchum, GJ
IMDB *currently streaming on Netflix

I'm a sucker for a BBC miniseries. When you toss in Jane Campion and Elizabeth Moss I knew I would have to watch it. I didn't count on being so engrossed and sucked into the story that I would devour the whole mini-series in a day, even with the super difficult subject matter. What drew me in was the women. There are some amazing men in this (Petter Mullan and David Wenham especially stood out for me) but it was Robin and Tui's stories that kept me riveted. Robin's obsession with the missing girl and the realizations about her own past mixing with the parallels between herself and Tui - the entire 7 episodes play out with twists and turns and a pretty satisfying conclusion. The added bonus of Holly Hunter as the bizarre and cruelly honest GJ was another highlight. I'd love to see someone provide a backstory on GJ, fill in the blanks for the years from when Robin and her mother left New Zealand until she returns at the start of the story or maybe shed some light on Tui's thoughts as she was surviving on her own in the wilderness. Weave me a story that ties in all three characters (triple goddess aspect? do they ever see GJ again?). Write me anything about these women and I will love you forever.

Pairings: Really, I don't see any pairings within the 3 characters (especially with Tui and anyone since she's still a child) but I do have a soft spot for Robin/Johnno.

The Authority
Character(s): Jenny Sparks (DCWiki Link)

British. Blonde. Often drunk. Loves to shag blokes her own age (which may look years older than she does since she stopped aging when she turned 19). Made of electricity. Spirit of the 20th Century. In short, Jenny Sparks is my hero. I fell in love with Jenny ages ago when Warren Ellis was writing Stormwatch. He created some amazing back history and adventures that I'd love to see expanded upon. Do you have any stories you want to tell about Jenny in Sliding Albion? Want to tell the tale of when Jenny hung out with a famous figure in history that hasn't been told before? Write a super secret spy mission for Jenny after the end of WW2 (bonus points if she teams up with someone awesome like Peggy Carter) or write about the first mission Jenny and her superhero group from the 60's went on? GO FOR IT.

If you don't want to tell an epic story, maybe focus on some downtime with her teammates in the Authority. I love the banter between her and Jack and Shen. Or have Jenny drinking at Clark's, reminiscing about the glory days and the bad ones. Your pick. Basically, I fucking adore Jenny Sparks and would love anything you write me. I haven't read anything passed the Authority Volume 3 trade paperback (but have read her Stormwatch issues as well as Jenny Sparks: Secret History of the Authority) so If she's had any reappearances or if any flashback tales have been told I'm out of the loop.

Pairings: I don't ship Jenny with anyone in particular but if you have a pairing you want to include I'm fine because we know how much Jenny loves a good shag - het or femslash pairings are fine.

IT Crowd
Character(s): Any
IMDB *currently streaming on Netflix

Ok, so here's where my 'I LIVE FOR ANGST' rule goes right out the window. I adore this show in all of it's wacky, insane, hilarious brilliance. I love every character equally and would love anything you would write. Honestly. Give me a prank war with a rival company's IT Department, show me what Moss likes to do on his days off, have Roy go on a pub crawl with Reynholm, ANYTHING. I've seen the entire series but not the final episode special that just aired (I'm hoping to before the holidays).

Pairings: Don't really have any - but if you want to write a cracky pairing that fits the story, sure.

Scandal (TV)
Character(s): Abby Whelan, David Rosen
IMDB *currently streaming on Netflix

This show was the show that I passed over. Good friends raved and I was all like, nope. Not gonna watch. Then on a boring Sunday, when trying to find something on Netflix - I gave in. And watched 8 episodes in a row, all the while texting my friends like a crazy woman about how much I was LOVING the show. How much the I LOVED the characters. How I HAD to watch the next episode. Scandal has become my new hour of tv where I can just enjoy the crazy. I almost chose Any, since so many of the characters are awesome. But from the beginning, Abby has been my girl. She's smart, abrasive, strong, but so freaking fragile in moments. I LOVE how honest she is - with anything and everyone, I love her friendship with Harrison and Olivia, I loved her and David together so I've included him if you'd like to write something shippy. In short - write me anything that has Abby in the center and I'm yours.

Pairings: Abby/David

Spartan (2004)
Character(s): Bobby Scott, Laura Newton

I watched this movie years ago mainly because I've been a Val Kilmer fan since childhood and will forgive that man for anything. So I was so pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed Spartan. It's a thinking person's action flick and the insane amount of awesome character actors in every scene just makes it for me. I chose Scott and Laura because I'd love to see the before and after for both of them. This is where you can bring the angst and tell me what Bobby's life was like in the years before he was sent to find the girl. How does Laura adjust back into her life as the daughter of the president after the horrible things she's been forced to endure? Anything delving into their headspace would be loved.

Terminator (Movies)
Character(s): Sarah Conner, Kyle Reese
IMBD: Terminator Terminator 2: Judgement Day
*currently streaming on Netflix

I couldn't find a vid showcasing Sarah Conner in all her glory quick enough, so I went with a great picture instead. Sarah Conner has been consistently one of my favourite female characters in any fandom since I was about 12 yrs old. I love her evolution from a terrified young waitress into a highly disciplined soldier who will do anything to protect her son. I would love to really see anything here. Sarah in the early years while she was still learning to survive and keep John safe. We know about Enrique but who else did she train with? Was there anyone in her life that reminded her of Kyle? Show me her at her darkest and weakest as well as her bravest. And man. Do I LOVE Kyle Reese. The idea of this man travelling through time to protect her just breaks me. As for canon timeline - I LOVE Terminator 1 and T2. Have little use for T3 and Salvation (my head canon skips right over T3 into T:TSCC).

Pairings: Sarah/Kyle

Thanks and happy writing!