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24 October 2014 @ 01:41 am
Yuletides. Forever.  
Dear Author,

Welcome back Yuletide, my favourite time of the year. Since, not only am I matched with an awesome fellow fic lover who is going to write me a fabulous story based on a fandom that we both love but it’s the only time I tend to get any writing of worth done at all (I work retail, this is my holiday salvation. If you’ve ever been inside a mall on Dec.23 you know exactly what I mean).

First and foremost: Thank you! You rock, many stadiums over with what I know will be a wonderful gift to unwrap on Christmas Day. I’ve gotten some amazing gift fic and treats over the past years and I know yours will be just as adored.

You can find me on Ao3 as sarandipitee and previous DA letters are very easy to locate here in my journal as I haven’t updated this thing in forever. I’m fairly easygoing but here are some general loves/DNW’s:

what I love:
Small, character driven stories that take me right into my favourite’s head space. Snark, banter, and well written true to voice dialogue is love. Give me all the gen but if you like smut go forth and fic - but please include some plot, I’m not a huge lover of straight up PWP. Angst is my thing, and you can never go wrong with a what if moment - AU’s are amazing when grounded in canon. I can never get enough of the broken boys, badasses with a (secret) heart of gold, the loyal and awesome sidekicks who clearly need their own comic/movie/everything, strong women who don’t have to sacrifice their vulnerability and unrepentant bastards. Found families are my weakness.

what I don’t love:
Please no incest (unless referencing an established canonical pairing) and no explicit descriptions of rape or using rape as a plot device (referencing a canon event is ok). Also, no complete non canon AU’s (coffee shop, pirates, etc), any‘play’ involving bodily fluids, beastiality, mpreg, genderswap, and all out fluff.

Saga (comics)
Character(s): ANY
(WIKI link)

This comic. This fucking comic. What don’t I love about this comic? Beyond the incredible art from Fiona Staples and the epic storytelling of Brian K. Vaughan, at the heart of this Star Wars like journey (for me) is the relationships and interactions both within the Family and their Pursuers (who, in turn, have created their own accidental familial unit).

I LOVE Alana and Marko’s marriage and the way they have to deal with the regular, every day stresses of a newlywed couple with a baby and the freelance bounty hunters out for blood. I adore Hazel’s voice over narration and hints at what’s to come. The Will and Lying Cat. Sophie and Lying Cat (TELL ME YOU DIDN’T CRY A LITTLE AT HER CONFESSIONS TO CAT) and The Stalk and Gwendolyn and I can (and will) go on and on.

I have no story direction in mind with this request. Give me a moment of motherly advice and bonding with Klara and Alana and Hazel. Give me Sophie and her mother before she was forced into slavery. Give me Lying Cat, and the vision that Izabel gave him. Worldbuilding, origin stories, the evolution of the Robot Kingdom’s people - literally, ANYTHING. The sky is the limit with this one.

For your consideration… I have not read anything past Saga Vol. 3 so please no spoilers as much as you can (character deaths, major plot points, etc). I ship the crap out of Alana/Marko and love the Will/Gwendolyn or the Will/The Stalk.

10 Years (2011)
Character(s): ANY
(imdb.com link)

Every now and then you find one of those movies - the little indie flick that could that no one else has watched and you had never even heard of until you randomly found it on netflix or something.

I adore this movie and I love everyone - and as such have no preferences about who you focus on. And I’m just as invested in seeing them in high school as I am in seeing what happens after the reunion.

How did Sam end up with the most popular guy in class? She doesn’t seem to be the prom queen. It’s obviously not everything she hoped for. Why does she stay? Give me anything about Anna - weave in her glory days and show me at her weakest. Does she keep her glow? Andre, Andre! That one line (you know what I’m talking about). Is there a reason his marriage didn’t take? Was she at the reunion? And Peter! We know that Cully was terrible to him. Did he come to the reunion hoping to show his bully up? Part of me has this head canon where he secretly was crazy over Sam… and he sees how unhappy she is, more than any of her friends really notice.

For your consideration… I ship Elise/Reeves immensely. I’m not a lover of cheating/infidelity - but I like the idea of Sam and Peter having a moment together at the reunion and a friendship is formed from it. I also have a tiny weakness at the idea of Marty and Anna (and toss in AJ if you like) based on that one scene around the dinner table. Found families get me every time.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
Character(s): Rita Vrataski
(imdb.com link)

Really, there can only be one, and it’s got to be a Full Metal Bitch. This movie blew any expectations I had right out of the water. I love, love, LOVE Rita. She’s my new Ripley.

Focus on her and I’ll love you forever. I don’t have a clear prompt in mind but I would love to see her time resetting or how she chose to join the war effort or did she ever have any meetings with J-Squad prior to when they saved the world. Just who is Hendricks?

For your consideration… I don’t have a preferred Rita ship, but I’m a little curious about her lots and lots of sex comment. I can handle heading into the psych room, but not detailed descriptions of her dissection.

The 100 (TV)
Character(s): Bellamy Blake, Raven Reyes, Clarke Griffin, Anya
(imdb.com link)

This show never should have been on my radar (blame Netflix airing each episode the day after it aired on the CW). But I was pleasantly surprised to see the Hunger Games/Lord of the Flies/Battlestar:Galactica mashup worked. Really worked.
I’m a lover of sci-fi, but it’s got to have characters I can relate to and identify with. I love that Clarke tries so hard to keep everyone safe and how the weight of leadership has changed her immensely since arriving on Earth. She’s had to make some tough decisions that have resulted in (what she believes) more than likely the death of Finn and Bellamy. Would she still react the same way as she thought she would upon her reunion with her mother? Or does she now understand a little about sacrifice for the greater good?

Bellamy has spent so long with only 2 goals in mind - survival and protection for himself and for Octavia. Now that his sister has left with Lincoln, and the adults have made it to the Earth what place does he have in the 100? I can sort of see Bel and some of the others splintering off from the adults from the Ark - who we know are going to fuck all sorts of shit up.

Raven is one of my favourite characters (second only to Bellamy) and her arc in season one was heartbreaking. How does she recover from her wounds? Does her relationship with Abby grow closer? If it does, how does Clarke (eventually) react to seeing that? I also really want to know more about her past on the ark (little bird, youngest g force mechanic).

Anya and the Grounders fascinates me. Can we have all the backstory that ever was please? I’m really interested in how the Grounders world works - we saw Anya’s next in line die from her wounds. Is it a completely Matriarchal society? There are other groups - is there an overall council or leader that rules all grounders? And what has happened to Anya? Is she a prisoner of Mount Weather?

For your consideration… I adore Bellamy with the fire of a thousand tiny suns. I do ship him with either Clarke or Raven (though I felt really guilty about the ship goggles I was looking through when watching the premiere and got a twinge at Raven/Murphy - I just can’t hate him) and I don’t mind Raven/Clarke. Please, not Finn. He just irks me.

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series
Character(s): Richard Gecko, Seth Gecko, Kate Fuller
(imdb.com link)

This is such an underrated show. And I’m a huge lover of the movie. I love how much has been expanded and fleshed out and I love the shows take on vampires and the back story they gave Santanico (who I almost chose, since she's great but my heart really lies with the Gecko Brothers). I've got no clear prompt for this request, just that I love Richie (which shows how much the show sort of fixes things - using Santanico's power to explain the horrible things he does), adore Seth almost as much (and his ex wife) and Kate Fuller can do no wrong in my eyes. You can pick up after season 1 if you want (show me how Seth has lost one damaged sibling and found another broken one to look after), give me Kate's messed up feelings after kissing Richie, give me anything about Richie.

For your consideration… Yes, I do. I ship Richie/Kate. But if you get squicked by the age difference, thats ok. It can be an unrequited crush thing on Kate’s side or whatever. Please no Seth/Kate though - I see them as a complete brother/sister vibe.

and my lone holdover from last year:

The Authority
Character(s): Jenny Sparks
(DCWiki Link)

British. Blonde. Often drunk. Loves to shag blokes her own age (which may look years older than she does since she stopped aging when she turned 19). Made of electricity. Spirit of the 20th Century. In short, Jenny Sparks is my hero. I fell in love with Jenny ages ago when Warren Ellis was writing Stormwatch. He created some amazing back history and adventures that I'd love to see expanded upon. Do you have any stories you want to tell about Jenny in Sliding Albion? Want to tell the tale of when Jenny hung out with a famous figure in history that hasn't been told before? Write a super secret spy mission for Jenny after the end of WW2 (bonus points if she teams up with someone awesome like Peggy Carter) or write about the first mission Jenny and her superhero group from the 60's went on? GO FOR IT.

If you don't want to tell an epic story, maybe focus on some downtime with her teammates in the Authority. I love the banter between her and Jack and Shen. Or have Jenny drinking at Clark's, reminiscing about the glory days and the bad ones. Your pick. Basically, I fucking adore Jenny Sparks and would love anything you write me. I haven't read anything passed the Authority Volume 3 trade paperback (but have read her Stormwatch issues as well as Jenny Sparks: Secret History of the Authority) so If she's had any reappearances or if any flashback tales have been told I'm out of the loop.

For your consideration... I don't ship Jenny with anyone in particular but if you have a pairing you want to include I'm fine because we know how much Jenny loves a good shag - het or femslash pairings are fine.

Thanks and Happy Writing!