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02 May 2015 @ 11:03 pm
Dear Not Prime Time Player  
Greetings and Salutations,

Thank you so much for writing me what I'm sure is going to be an amazing fic :). This is my first year participating in Not Ready for Prime Time and I'm super excited.

This lj is pretty much unused except for writing exchanges but feel free to poke around. You can find my writings on Ao3 and my random postings on my tumblr as well.

I'm fairly easy going but have included a few general loves/DNW's to help:

*genfic (this is not to say that I don't adore a well written piece of smut, but I prefer some plot instead of a straight up PWP)
*I love small, internal exploration fics that explore my favourite character's headspace (but if you have an epic tale you want to write I'm down with that too)
*snark, banter and true to voice dialogue are huge, huge loves
*I have massive love for AU that jumps off from a point in canon (OMG "WHAT IFS" ARE MY WEAKNESS)
*Angst. All the time.
*found families

*no explicit details of rape (referencing a canon event is ok)
*no camp counselor/pirate/coffee shop or any other complete non canon AU’s
*all out fluff (though I do like a hopeful or happy ending)

The 100
Characters: Raven Reyes, Bellamy Blake, Octavia Spencer, John Murphy

The 100 is a show that I had trouble narrowing down characters to four choices, so if my picks seem sorta random - I went with the four I'm most excited to see what's happened to them since the S2 finale.

Raven is very near and dear to my heart and I ship her with Wick hard (but, Raven/Bellamy is fine too). She's tough and smart and stubborn but fragile and loyal to a fault (did I mention I love Raven?). I'm interested in seeing how her relationship with Wick has progressed (or regressed, Raven is fantastic at pushing people away) or how she's feeling about Clarke's departure (does she see this as abandonment/betrayal or has she really started to forgive Clarke?).

Bellamy is someone who has grown immensely since S1. He started as Clarke's enemy and became her greatest supporter. He's gained some respect with the adults - I wonder what would happen if Kane took him under his wing as he recuperated from TonDC, and groomed him for Chancellor.

Octavia is a women with no home - she's never considered herself to be part of the Sky People (can you blame her after spending her life under the floor?) and Bel has been her only true link to the survivors of the Ark. Now that she and Lincoln have been expelled from the Trikru - do they stay at Camp Jaha? Do they forge on to the Sea? Where do two warriors without a clan find peace?

Murphy. I just can't hate him (unrepentant bastards/broken boys are my jam). Show me how he's doing in his new home. Does he find any more videos? Does he look for Jaha? Does Clarke find him in her wanderings?

*feel free as well if you want to write something featuring all the characters if it strikes you

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Characters: Skye/Daisy Johnson, Melinda May

This show sort of snuck up on me. I originally gave up a few episodes into S1, but after watching The Winter Soldier - I gave it another shot. So glad I did, since S2 has been awesome.

I've not got a lot of specifics for this one, but I really love the relationship between these two women. Skye started as an unknown factor and possible liability to the team (in May's eyes), but she's earned her spot and May's respect. I don't ship them together (I ship the heck out of past Melinda and her ex husband - those flashbacks to a happy May with Andrew are awesome). Show me May training Skye, their feelings on Ward and his betrayal, Skye's powers out of control and May talking her down, etc.

Characters: John Crichton, Aeryn Sun

Confession: if I could pick only one ship to love for the rest of my life? John/Aeryn is it. I love these two, so frelling much. I can't pick any single moment or story to amplify or timeline to explore but if you want to tackle what happened after the end of the Peacekeeper Wars or give me some angsty shippy goodness (this scene KILLS me every time), or John dragging an exasperated Aeryn and Moya all over the galaxy trying to find a replacement for a broken Winona. Also, Aeryn Sun is just... the greatest ever.

X-Men: Days of Future Past
Character: Clarice Ferguson

Clarice is a character I've dug since she debuted and (much too quickly) perished in origin of Generation X. So when Age of Apocalypse was announced, I read everything I could get my hands on that featured Blink. As much as I love DoFP, there just wasn't enough time to delve into the Sentinel controlled future. I would love to read how Blink found the others. How did she survive? Who recruited her into the Kitty and Bobby's crew? Is she involved with anyone on the team? What happened to her family? Epic world-building for this reality would be awesome. And her powers kick ass.

The Avengers (Marvel Movies)
Characters: Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton, Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff

SPOILERS AHOY, if you've yet to see AoU!

So my 3 favourite things about this movie were: Natasha, Clint's family (LAURA) and The Twins. You can explore anything around Nat: her feelings for Bruce, the fallout of Wanda's manipulations of her memories of the Red Room, leading the new group of Avengers, visiting Clint and Laura on the farm - whatever. I adore the Black Widow. Pretty much anything about her would be welcome.

I actually spent the whole movie convinced Marvel was going to kill off Barton, so I'm now in need of Clint, just being Clint. Downtime with Laura and his family, snarky banter, Nat talking him into training the rookies (Clint mentoring Wanda, she confiding in him about her brother - his speech to her about stepping through the door and becoming an avenger, coupled with Pietro's sacrifice makes me want some interaction with these two).

I'd love some backstory on Wanda and Pietro - what it was like in Struckers program, why they were the only ones to survive being altered. Or after AoU - Wanda was half of a whole and now is missing a part of her being. Wanda's powers creating an unstable alternate reality where Pietro is still alive and having to make the decision to leave or be lost in it with him forever.

Please remember this letter is just meant to offer some insight into why I love the fandoms I've chosen and if you're stuck, maybe help kicstart the writing process for you - but I look forward to whatever amazing story you create for me.

Thanks and happy writing!