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26 October 2015 @ 12:49 am
Pretty Packages All in a Row  
Dear Yuletide Author,

Hello! First of all - thank you. I love Yuletide, it's my favourite fic exchange and I've been very lucky to receive some amazing stories these past four years. I know your story will be one of them. :)

I never update this journal aside from writing exchanges but all my past letters are here if you'd like to check them out. You can find my writings on Ao3, and check out my various re-blogs on my tumblr.

This letter is meant to help you kick start your writing if you're stuck on where to start but I have some general Loves/DNW's to share:

*genfic (this is not to say that I don't adore a well written piece of smut, but I prefer some plot with it)
*I love small, internal exploration fics that explore my favourite character's headspace (but if you have an epic tale you want to write, I'm down with that too)
*snark, banter and true to voice dialogue are huge, huge loves
*canon divergent AU's (exploring a 'what if' moment is my weakness)
*angst, always angst
*found families
*broken boys, badasses with a (secret) heart of gold, the sidekick that outshines the hero, strong women who don’t have to sacrifice their vulnerability and unrepentant bastards

*no explicit details of rape (referencing a canon event is ok)
*completely non canon AU’s (coffee shop, pirates, etc)
*animal cruelty
*any 'play' involving bodily fluids
*all out fluff (happy/hopeful endings are fine)
*2nd person POV

The Requests (will contain spoliers) :

Mr. Robot
Character(s): Elliot Alderson, Darlene Alderson, Shayla Nico

I wasn't sure where this was heading at first - part of me was just so happy to see Christian Slater doing relevant work after all this time (also, my headcanon was Happy Hard Harry grew up and became a hacker). Rami Malek was unknown to me, and quickly Elliot became a favourite (seriously, why isn't this guy in everything?). The Fight Club revelation, really wasn't and while I'm still not over Shayla (nooooooooooooo), I eagerly devoured every episode.

I'm interested in seeing you explore a few things:

Darlene - her backstory on how she became a hacker, her friendship/romantic involvement with Angela (I'm fine with either type of relationship, and I LOVED when they broke into the old house), her feelings on her brother - how she dealt with watching him forget his family (he's been 'confused' before).

Eillot & Shayla - I ship these two, big time - but if you don't, that's ok. Anything about them individually is welcome. My biggest fault with the show is Shayla being fridged. If you want to give me fix-it fic and find a way to keep her alive or go the other route and have Shayla becoming Elliot's newest hallucination/ghost, fill in what should have happened with Angela/Shayla after their bathroom moment, great. Want to just focus on Elliot? I love his friendship and past history with Angela, the way he uses hacking to 'save' people and punish the bad guys (sorta case fic? i guess) or if you have some ideas on what's in store for him in S2, go for it.

Please no Tyrell, or Tyrell/Elliot and no Darlene/Elliot.

Mad Max Series (Movies)(Mad Max: Fury Road)
Character(s): Furiosa (Mad Max), Max Rockatansky, Toast the Knowing, The Splendid Angharad

This movie is my happy place (which, may be odd to some, since it's a post apocalyptic wastelend) but it's perfect for me. It's the movie I can watch over and over and find some new thread to tug on that I want to see unraveled in fanfic. It wasn't easy to narrow it down to only 4 favourites (plus, I seriously considered just saying fuck it, and give me all the Furiosa) but I went with:

Furiosa - because, obvs. I'm drawn to strong female characters, and I especially loved her because in Fury Road she was given the typical male hero arc. I'd love to see her past explored with the many mothers, how she and the Wives initially met and how they plotted their escape (I know this was done in the comic, but I hated it, so much - such a wasted opportunity that felt like it was written by someone who hadn't watched any of the movie), what happens after the citadel falls - now that she has found her redemption, what's next?

Max Rockatansky - he wanders the Wasteland, surrounded by the dead, a waking dreamer. But eventually he returns. What brings him back, and can anything make him stay?

Toast the Knowing - Toast, having grown up in the Wasteland, can shoot a gun and drive a rig. Does she try to reclaim that life from before? Find her family or her tribe? What is her relationship like with the other wives now, and what role has she taken after overthrowing Joe? Basically I really adore Toast, so any story that expands her background or shows me whats to come is welcome.

The Splendid Angharad - Fix-it fic welcome. I wish she had met the Vuvalini and returned home to reclaim the citadel. Or show me how she convinced Furiosa to take them to the Green Place. Learning about the time before with Miss Giddy. Taking care of Cheedo and the others on their first night locked away.

Ship wise, Furiosa/Max is my OTP. Slow burn, healing, respect/friendship first. I don't ship him with the others, but I love platonic/friendship Max and Toast. Referencing past abuses from Immortan Joe is ok but please, nothing explicit.

Character(s): Liv Moore

I love this show. I love Liv. Massively. Along with the smart and hilarious dialogue. I love how every episode has a new brain and a new persona for Liv. I love Ravi and his working relationship and his friendship with Liv. I adored Lowell. I miss Peyton. I love Clive and his amazing facial expressions when dealing with Liv and her brain side effects. I'm having trouble loving Major right now, but I'm hoping that changes as the season progresses.

I'd love to read casefic, or downtime with Liv and Ravi in the morgue, or Liv and Peyton reconnecting. You can write me all the Liv/Lowell if that's your thing. This is probably my one request where I'm more apt to like hopeful and some humour mixed in with the angst because the show does such a great job balancing that.

I prefer Liv/Lowell first, but when Major is not being a butthead, I'm down with Liv/Major too.

The Guest (2014)
Character(s): Anna Peterson, David Collins

I don't think I've enjoyed what I thought was going to be the typical, run of the mill action flick, THIS MUCH, in a long time. This movie surprised the HELL out of me and the more absurd and violent it got, the more I laughed and the better Dan Steven's annoyance at having to kill AGAIN became.

Feel free to tackle anything related to these characters: the aftermath of David's destruction, how Anna and her brother rebuild their lives, and especially - do the remaining Peterson's find David later and exact revenge or does David come back after Anna? If you want to focus more on a 'prequel' - show me David and Caleb in their secret unit and fill in the blanks of the backstory.

I'm ok with David/Anna, they had definite chemistry - as long as it happens pre-murder of her family.

How to Get Away With Murder
Character(s): Frank Delfino, Laurel Castillo

These two are my hot, messy as fuck otp. I love Frank, and even though S1 revealed him to be Lila's murderer, I still can't help but love him (the beard/suit combo is probably part of it). Some things that I love about them: Frank's speech to Laurel about not being a gigolo, her defiance to her father and her family, their intense connection and inability to keep their hands off of each other, and the fact that they've both done awful things (Laurel's motives are much clearer than Frank's at the moment, but still) but yet are not true villains.

If you don't ship them - no worries. I love Frank and Bonnie's weird and protective friendship. I'd love to know how he came to work for Annalise and why he would kill for someone like Sam. If you prefer Laurel, revisit the friction with her family or working on a case with the other students.

Thank you and happy writing!