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25 April 2016 @ 09:00 pm
NPT 2016 Dear Primetime Player  
Hello Primetime Player!

First off, thank you. I love writing exchanges (this is my 2nd year for NPT) and I'm super happy to be getting a wonderful story from you! Please feel free to poke around this journal for my previous letters for other exchanges or check out my writings on Ao3 as templeandarche or find me on tumblr as well.

This letter is meant to help you kick start your writing if you're stuck on where to begin but I have some general Loves/DNW's to share:

*genfic (this is not to say that I don't adore a well written piece of smut, but I prefer some plot with it)
*I love small, internal exploration fics that explore my favourite character's headspace (but if you have an epic tale you want to write, I'm down with that too)
*snark, banter and true to voice dialogue are huge, huge loves
*canon divergent AU's (exploring a 'what if' moment is my weakness)
*angst, always angst
*found families
*broken boys, badasses with a (secret) heart of gold, the sidekick that outshines the hero, strong women who don’t have to sacrifice their vulnerability and unrepentant bastards

*no explicit details of rape (referencing a canon event is ok)
*completely non canon AU’s (coffee shop, pirates, etc)
*animal cruelty
*any 'play' involving bodily fluids
*all out fluff (happy/hopeful endings are fine)
*2nd person POV

The Requests:

Character(s): Wade Wilson, Vanessa Carlysle, Ellie Phimister

I loved this movie. It was a balls out, no regrets, feel the burn of every f-bomb dropped, bloody carnage-filled romp of a superhero flick. I adored everything - the humour, the constant breaking of the fourth wall, VANESSA, NEGASONIC, the soundtrack. EVERYTHING. It all worked. Perfectly.

I'm pretty open for this one. I'd love a superhero team up adventure with Ellie and Wade, and (non-superpowered) Vanessa as the brains of the operation. If you want to explore the idea of Vanessa getting powers/becoming Copycat (I'm not very familiar with comic canon, so please feel free to ignore or include what you want) how about a training session with an over eager Wade and totally uninterested Negasonic (bonus points if it's at the X-mansion and Colossus makes a cameo). What does Ellie's tumblr/twitter look like? What happens when Wade hacks it and starts posting his own random and wacky shit?

I'm really looking forward to the same tone and hilarious dialogue of the movie. Ship wise, I'm all Wade/Vanessa.

Mad Max Series (Movies - Mad Max: Fury Road)
Character(s): Furiosa, Max Rockatansky, Toast the Knowing

This movie is my happy place (which, may be odd to some, since it's a post apocalyptic wasteland) but it's perfect for me. It's the movie I can watch over and over and find some new thread to tug on that I want to see unraveled in fanfic. It wasn't easy to narrow it down to only 3 favourites (plus, I seriously considered just saying fuck it, and give me all the Furiosa) but I went with:

Furiosa - because, obvs. I'm drawn to strong female characters, and I especially loved her because in Fury Road she was given the typical male hero arc. I'd love to see her past explored with the many mothers, how she and the Wives initially met and how they plotted their escape (I know this was done in the comic, but I hated it, so much - such a wasted opportunity that felt like it was written by someone who hadn't watched any of the movie), what happens after the citadel falls - now that she has found her redemption, what's next?

Max Rockatansky - he wanders the Wasteland, surrounded by the dead, a waking dreamer. But eventually he returns. What brings him back, and can anything make him stay?

Toast the Knowing - Toast, having grown up in the Wasteland, can shoot a gun and drive a rig. Does she try to reclaim that life from before? Find her family or her tribe? What is her relationship like with the other wives now, and what role has she taken after overthrowing Joe? Basically I really adore Toast, so any story that expands her background or shows me what's to come is welcome.

Ship wise, Furiosa/Max is one of my OTP's. Slow burn, healing, respect/friendship first. I don't ship him with the others, but I love platonic/friendship Max and Toast. Referencing past abuses from Immortan Joe is ok but please, nothing explicit.

Daredevil (TV)
Character(s): Frank Castle, Karen Page

Ok, I know I'm not the only one in saying that S2 of Daredevil was the Frank Castle show. Completely. I wasn't even a fan of Jon Bernthal going into it. Plus, I really didn't have much knowledge about the character of the Punisher (aside from the basic premise of the mob killing his family and he dedicates his life to killing criminals in retaliation). But sweet baby jebus, Frank Castle owned me this season. (Insert Kermit flail at the news that there's going to be a Punisher spin off!).

In Season one, I wasn't a massive fan of Karen. S2 was a huge change - stronger, more assertive but still struggling with the blood on her hands. I love her connection with Frank as her client and her obsession to redeem him and maybe on the way find her own redemption (*not that I think she did anything but act in self-defense with Wesley*). I love her friendship with Foggy (my other unsung hero of S2) and I love seeing her working at the Bulletin, following in Ben's footsteps.

I ship these 2, so so hard. It's a pairing that can't work, so it hits all my angst buttons. I'd love some post S2 continuation of that connection that was so blatant on screen. Gimme all the fireworks and the fallout afterwards.

If you're not into shipping them, I'd still love any interaction with these two. But please no Matt/Karen.

The Flash
Character(s): Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, Earth-2 Harrison Wells

I'm really a Marvel girl at heart, but a friend convinced me, FINALLY to try out the Flash this year. God, she was right. I loved it. All of it. This show is my feel good happy hour of TV. And surprisingly (to me, anyway) it's not all sunshine and rainbows.

It hits so many of my fandom tropey loves: found families (Barry/Joe/Iris and Barry/Cisco/Caitlin/Harrison[s]), AU freaking heaven with all the of the other versions of Earth Barry can access, strong female characters (Iris! Linda! Caitlin! Patty! Lisa!), awesome sidekick Cisco and so much more. I love all the DC easter eggs that pop up constantly. Like, I said, it's my happy hour of tv.

It took a while for me to figure out what I wanted (I was this close to clicking ANY) but my found families weakness won out. One of the best things about this show for me is the bond the S.T.A.R. labs gang has. I love Barry and Caitlin's karaoke night, Harrison's insistence on calling everyone by their last names, Cisco's love for naming all the metas, and all the little things that showcase what makes them a team. I know things have been darker lately and that this Harrison is often a dick (but a loveable and unintentionally hilarious one), but I love them as a unit. If you want to show them on some downtime that's awesome or if you want to do an epic battle with Zoom (who's the man in the mask?!), or an epic tale on another Earth (Cisco having another meeting with Killer Frost or another doppelganger?), go ahead.

Ship wise, I like Lisa Snart/Cisco and Caitlin/Ronnie but I'm pretty open to Barry (I like Linda and Patty, Iris too), and I don't have a Harrison paring but ships definitely don't have to be the focus here.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Character(s): Leonard Snart

Remember how I mentioned I was really a Marvel girl? Yeah, DC tv has totalled that theory. I started watching this show just because of Snart. I gotta thing for this type of broken boy badass who (maybe) conceals that heart of gold.

Snart is all snark and drawl and he leans fabulously around the Waverider, doling out his particular brand of sarcasm.

You really can write me anything here - I would love to see teen Snart and how he hooked up with Mick and their adventures in crime out of juvie or he and Lisa pulling their first job together. Send the team to your time period of choice to retrieve an item that could kill Savage and have Snart make that era look good without even trying. What if he and Sara were stranded like Ray and Kendra were? Or he and Mick?

Shipwise, I'm pretty open - I'm in agreement with Wentworth on how he views Snart's sexuality, but I do have some favourites: Snart/Sara or Snart/Sara/Cassandra. I do enjoy Mick/Snart/Sara and Snart/Barry as well. But please no Snart/Lisa.

If you're not into any of my Snart pairings, I love his friendships with both Sara and Mick, as well as his interactions with the rest of the team.

Thank you and happy writing!